Landscape photography is my favorite artistic endeavor!

As a child I grew up in rural South Carolina where I enjoyed the outdoors "up close and personal." I learned to love and appreciate the natural environment.

My early experience with photography came from taking family snapshots with a Kodak Box Camera. During my adult years I graduated to a Canon 35mm SLR camera, and experimented with slide photography in my "closet darkroom" using Kodak Ektachrome Film. My interest in landscape photography intensified as I traveled, and visited National Parks and other iconic sites where I experienced the grandeur of nature on a larger scale.

During my working career I was unable to actively pursue my growing interest in photography due to time constraints demanded of my work. However, since retiring in 2005, I have strengthened my photographic skills through extensive self-study of photography; attended many photography computer software classes; and participated in several field workshops led by highly respected photography professionals.

I currently use a Canon 5D Mark II DSL Camera, and utilize a variety of post processing photo editing tools to optimize my images.

My over-arching goal is to create fine art images that optimally represent what I saw at the time of capture; offer unique perspectives to landscape scenes; and to share with the viewer my appreciation for the beauty and splendor of nature!

My photos have been exhibited in a variety of San Francisco Bay Area venues including: Frank Bette Center for the Arts - 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009; East Bay Open Studios - 2010; Rock Wall Wine Company Art & Wine Festival - 2013; and Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival - 2014.